#1: What went really well over the last year?
  • Even if you didn't achieve everything you wish you had, there were probably some highlights, list those.
#2: Why did it go well?
  • Rarely do people think about WHY good things happened. Be sure to examine this. Then ask ...
#3: How can you do more of it?
  • Let's amplify your successes
#4: What could have gone better?
  • Let's not spend a lot of time on this, but find your top 3 areas where there's room for improvement
#5: What will you do differently this year?
  • What are you going to stop doing completely, outsource, or get better at in 2012?
#6: What would make the coming year a total 10?
  • A total 10 for results AND a total 10 for fun and enjoyment (gotta enjoy the ride)
#7: What could make achieving a total 10 year faster and easier?
  • What would short cut the achievement curve so you get to the good stuff even faster? Maybe hiring someone new or making some great connection? Or something else?